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Workplace & School Safety Training

Our Tactical Security Crisis Management Team has over seventy years of experience in security and law enforcement. They are certified to help you implement programs dealing with workplace and school violence, prevention of an active shooter event, incident management, emergency preparedness and natural and man-made disaster response.

Types of workplace and school violence include: threats or obscene phone calls; intimidation; being followed, sworn or shouted at; beatings; stabbings; suicides, shootings; rapes; near-suicides; psychological traumas; and harassment of any nature. Termination of an employee can cause workplace violence including leading up being the cause of an active shooter event.

Violence can be initiated by strangers, customers or clients, co-workers or family/friends.

Active shooter events are unpredictable and can evolve quickly. Active shooters in the workplace maybe a current or former employee or an acquaintance of a current or former employee.  Common motives include anger, revenge, ideology, and untreated mental illness. If you are to ever find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event, your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated. All employees can help prevent and prepare for potential active shooter situations.

In an active shooter situation, all involved persons should quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect their own lives. The recommended actions, in order, are: Run, Hide, Fight.

An incident is an event that could lead to loss of, or disruption to, an organization’s operations, services or functions. If not managed, an incident can escalate into an emergency, crisis or a disaster. Incident management is therefore the process of limiting the potential disruption caused by such an event, followed by a return to business as usual. Without effective incident management, an incident can rapidly disrupt business operations, information security, IT systems, employees or customers and other vital business functions.

Many people are concerned about the possibility of a public health emergency such as a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or disease outbreak. You can take steps now to help you prepare for an emergency and cope, if an emergency happens.

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