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Hire an Experienced Private Detective

Leveraging the latest in surveillance techniques, our adept investigators are fervently committed to addressing your specific needs, balancing utmost professionalism with discretion. Whether it’s an individual or business case, count on our seasoned team for comprehensive and cutting-edge private investigations with Tactical Security.

Private Detective Services

When the quest for the truth calls, Tactical Security  answers. Serving a broad clientele – from individuals, law firms, and businesses to insurance companies – our reputation for delivering top-notch Private Detective Services remains unparalleled. We’ve championed cases across diverse arenas: criminal defense, family court matters, insurance claims, employment liabilities, missing persons, and tailored investigative requests. Hire a Private Detective from Tactical Security, and you’re banking on an exceptional track record and time-tested expertise.

Speak With a Detective

Need a detective nearby? Tactical Security is your go-to hub. With our network of investigators stationed nationwide, we’re positioned to serve you wherever you are. We don’t just undertake investigations; we understand the depth of information you seek and wield the tools to
uncover it. Ready to embark on a truth-seeking journey? Dial 866-933-9044 or initiate a FREE CONSULTATION on our website. Your peace of mind is just a call away.

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All of us at Tactical Security are ready to serve and protect on your schedule. Please contact us today for a no-obligation assessment of your security and protection needs. Thank you for visiting!